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We offer two different Helicopter Demonstration Flight Options.


1.  20 min. ground introductory lesson and 30 min. introductory flight for $225
2.  1 hour ground “first lesson” and 1 hour flight “first lesson” for $400

**Prices listed above do not include sales tax, $5.00 fuel surcharge, or gratuity and are for tours operated during normal business hours


1.  20 min. ground introductory lesson and 30 min. introductory flight for $325
2.  1 hour ground “first lesson” and 1 hour flight “first lesson” for $600

During each introductory flight you will be allowed to control the helicopter.  In addition, before the flight you will spend time with your Certified Flight Instructor to understand the operation and effect of the controls.  After the flight, you will receive your “Pilot’s Logbook” and have the opportunity to sit down and review the flight, covering any questions you might have.

The flight time will count towards your pilot certificate if you subsequently decide to continue training.  In addition, you will receive an endorsement from your Certified Instructor that qualifies you to manipulate the controls of a Robinson Helicopter (R22 or R44 specific) as a student pilot.

We use Robinson R22 and R44 Helicopters to perform flight training.  We have equipped our aircraft with top of the line avionics and take pride in maintaining our aircraft well above FAA standards.  No other helicopters in their class can match their speed, reliability, affordable price, and low operating  costs. They have fewer accidents due to aircraft or engine failure than other helicopters.  Robinson’s commitment to the highest quality in design, materials, and craftsmanship make them the best selling helicopter in the world and an enduring choice for flight training.