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Independence Helicopters offer a Professional Pilot Program that can take you from zero aviation experience to a marketable Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII).  We will guarantee** that we can complete your Instructor Certificates in the minimum time required by FAA regulations to instruct in the Robinson R22 and R44 Helicopters (200 hours).
**Guarantee is based on 5 days a week, 4 hours a day attendance (1 hour flight minimum).  Any flight time cost will be covered by Independence Helicopters if CFII certificate is not achieved by 200 flight hours.  Independence Helicopters understands the financial and time commitment made by the student and is willing to match it.

TOTAL COST:  $71,000

Independence Helicopters has an agreement with Utah Valley University and their Global Aviation Degree Program.  Through this program you can qualify for private and/or Federal financial assistance to pay for flight training, as well as recieve college credits for training towards an Aviation Science Degree.

*This is a nationally recognized and Accredited University Degree Program.  After completing your flight training from Independence Helicopters you can complete your degree and remaining courses online.
*Independence Helicopters provides you with helicopter flight training necessary to  
  complete your Degree.
*Global Aviation Degree Program has regional accreditation.
*Students who are enrolled in the Utah Valley University, Global Aviation Degree
  Program will have the same student services as students attending classes at the Utah
  Valley University campus.  This includes graduation assistance, career counseling, 
  recommendations, job placement and financial aid.
*UVU (including G.A.D.P.)  students are eligible for scholarships to help finance their
   helicopter flight training and can apply at
   using the Roger L. Vincent Aviation Scholarship.

Airline Transport Pilot

ATP is the highest certification level that a helicopter pilot can achieve.  This is a great way for a currently working professional helicopter pilot to take their career to the next level.

Before you enroll in the ATP course, you must meet the following prerequisites:
- Hold a FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating or;
- Meet U.S. military experience requirements of 61.73 or;
- Hold a foreign ATP issued under a contracting state to the convention on International 
  Civil Action.
- Hold a foreign Commercial Pilot Certificate and an Instrument Rating issued under a  
  contracting state to the convention on International Civil Action.
- Have a minimum of 1,200 hours total time with:
        500 hours cross country
        100 hours night (15 hours of which must be helicopter)
        200 hours helicopter (75 hours Pilot in Command)
          75 hours instrument (50 hours in-flight  and 25 hours  
               helicopter Pilot Command Instrument)

The ATP training requirements are individualy tailored to meet each applicant’s experiences in the industry.  Please contact us by phone or e-mail for help customizing your ATP program.